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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


WikiMapia (http://www.wikimapia.org) is a project to describe the whole planet Earth. You can drill down to cities all over the world and not just limited to US. Its very similar to the Google Earth and Microsoft Live maps.

You will be amazed to see the details with which the details such as Squares, Land Marks have been complied.

How to use
Just move the map to find interesting places, click on rectangles. To add an interesting place or object use Add New link. A note from the Creator, Please only add places interesting to everyone.

Click on the WikiMapia Icon on the Top Left Corner to search.

| posted by Dhiraj @ 9:26 PM

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Stephen Hawking takes Beijing; now, will science follow? - Asia - Pacific - International Herald Tribune

Stephen Hawking takes Beijing; now, will science follow? - Asia - Pacific - International Herald Tribune: "China wants to stand up scientifically, as it is beginning to economically, and it is pouring money and talent into the sciences, particularly physics. Jie Zhang, director general of basic sciences for the Chinese academy, said his budget had been increasing 17 percent a year for the last few years as China tried to ramp up research spending to about 2.5 percent of its gross domestic product. By comparison, the United States spends slightly less than 2 percent, according to the National Science Foundation.

Among the big-budget items on the table, Zhang said, are a giant 500-meter-diameter radio telescope in China's outback to study microwaves from the Big Bang and a multinational particle-physics project, known as the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment to study the ghostly elementary particles known as neutrinos."

| posted by Rajan @ 6:09 PM

The Indian dream, at a premium price - Business - International Herald Tribune

The Indian dream, at a premium price - Business - International Herald Tribune: "Kushal Pal Singh wants to become India's landlord.

He wants to build Wal-Mart superstores for a mushrooming consumer class. He wants to build skyscrapers that generate their own electricity for outsourcing giants like International Business Machines. And he wants to build apartments with a pool for the aspirational young employees of call centers and software parks.

There is a problem: Singh, a New Delhi real-estate mogul whose company turned a $44 million profit last year, needs money.

| posted by Rajan @ 5:40 PM

Sunday, June 11, 2006

India speaks...

I have become a big fan of Bharatbala productions ...
Are they the only ones in the business of "promotion" of National integration???
We definitely need more of'em.

[Via Arjun's blog]

| posted by Ramki @ 2:22 PM

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